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TLM Inauguration

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On the 25/06/2001, TLM (Trolley Loire Metropolis) been well inaugurated in Angers
by the elected representatives and various representatives of institutions.
Evènement unsettled by wage earners strikers
claims of which did not concern the wage only
but also on training and working conditions.

See you soon for the visit of the Centre of service, true control tower.

Pictures here
After several played up speeches, Place du Ralliement,
angevins people rushed in the first trains opened to the public, frantically and contentment.

This line A covering the agglomeration North to South,
is equipped with 25 stations
on the 12,3 kilometers
(37 minutes of course).
We are waiting for
38 000 passengers a day,
800 places of parking-intermediary are going to allow
to ease congestion
the town centre.

A train is composed of 5 modules consisting of 2 locomotive engines,
2 hanging cases and a central gondola on a 32,4-metre length,
2,4 metres wide and 3,50 of the height.
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